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Book(s) of the Week!


1. The Order Of Time by Carlo Rovelli:

This is an astonishing work of art encapsulated between the covers of a book. All the 'defining' aspects of time are turned on their heads as Carlo Rovelli explores the true nature of our spacetime in this volume. Rovelli describes deep and fascinating physical concepts with a poetic voice. He writes about quantum fluctuations leading to spacetime 'foam', the extra-continuual intuition as to why nothing can escape a black hole, novel ways of considering entropy and much more. At the outset the reader may feel somewhat perplexed and uncomfortable even, thrown into the discussion of rigourous science embedded in a new philosophical environment. One can be assured, however, of an experience like no other as the reader almost breathes and feels like he/she is seeing anew by the end of the book, where any boundaries separating factual scientific knowledge, philosophy and free, unbridled thought, enquiry, conjecture are all dissolved.

Watch out for next week's book(s) and c u soon!


1. An Imaginary Tale by Paul J. Nahin:

To me, this book is elemental to understanding complex numbers. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you'll be able to see the magic in sqrt(-1) and understand complex numbers in a fresh, new way. I really do recommend this.

2. The Character of Physical Law by Richard P. Feynman:

Hear it from the boss himself: Richard P. Feynman discusses all things cosmological and also all things quantum in this wonderful book! (Check out how he explains magnetism on youtube, the poor interviewer...)

3. How to Make Stonehenge Out of Biscuits by Tracey Turner:

With this book, you'll never get bored! For every day in the year there is something special to learn and something special to do. Did you know that 3rd July is the start of the 40 Dog Days?



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