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Hi! I’m Neelkantha.

An ardent follower of science and mathematics

Hi everyone! I am fourteen and a student in secondary school in Cambridge, UK.

I find mathematics and science, particularly physics, fascinating. These disciplines are, to me, the telescopes to our world and beyond. The human investigation of the mystery and magic of existence.

I have been studying physics and mathematics outside of my school curriculum. I have also undertaken some theoretical investigations in my spare time. I aim to update (hopefully regularly) my blog posts with my thoughts/ readings of quantum physics and astrophysics (relativity, gravity and such topics) and mathematics (theorems, conjectures, series, calculus, geometry etc.).


I will probably also post about my other interests such as art, the natural world, philosophy and movies.

Please get in touch if you have any comments or thoughts, to point out my errors or collaborate on these thoughts and investigations.

Finally, I would like to say that currently when our world is in such a crisis, more than ever, we should be as the great Bill S Preston Esq. and Ted Theodore Logan most righteously said: "Be excellent to each other." and "Party on Dudes!"

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